Massage time

Individual, classic massage: promotes circulation, loosens up the muscles and relieves tensions

Aromatic oils

Relieves tensions with therapeutic fragrances and oils

"Rosalpina" Massage

Vitalises muscles and strengthens skin with essential oils from alpine rose, arnica, evening primrose and vitamin E.

"Rosalpina" Mountain Feeling

Body treatment ritual with scrub, pack and massage. Relaxes the muscles. Our tip: for after sport.

Hot Stone Massage

In combination with warm oils, heated basalt stones massage your muscles supple soft and also deep regions are loosened. By stimulating the meridians, the entire organism is strengthened and brings clarity and vitality to the body and mind.

Lomi Lomi Nui

Experience an exceptional massage from Hawaii. This unique massage art lets you immerse yourself in another world. It is based on long intense energetic processes, an interplay between powerful and balancing handles and techniques with hot oil. It causes a new body feeling and deceleration for body mind and soul. Aloha.

Dorn Breuss Massage

Special massage therapy for a smooth movement

Ear Candle Treatment

Gentle treatment for headache, tinnitus and stress

Lymph Drainage

Ensures optimal decongestion and detoxification, strengthens veins and immune system

The foot Reflexology

is based on a holistic body image. All body parts are connected according to the teaching. The foot is like a small map and represents the discomfort of the body. This can be solved by targeted pressure massages at specific sites on the foot physical and mental discomfort in the rest of the Body.

Tailor-made Massage

Combination of a back and foot reflexology massage. Harmonises and activates the organism

Indian Head Massage

Body, mind and soul are harmonized by this sitting massage to help promote physical and emotional health.

Thai Energy Foot reflex zones Massage

The Thai energy foot treatment contains elements of the classical foot and calf massage and is partially carried out with a wooden massage stick.

"Sensory Journey" Couples Treatment

Romantic spa ritual with relaxation bath and massage ceremony: therapeutic massage techniques with warm oil and fragrant essences (price for two)

Pregnancy Massage

Specially selected massage techniques have a therapeutic and balancing effect on your back, legs and arms. Sensitive, careful and gentle - a wonderfully caring feeling

Children's Wellness Massage

Relaxing and calming massage for children till 12 years.

Please note that we perform massage and beauty treatments  for children only in the presence of the parent or Guardian.

Men's Affairs

Face - deep regeneration, vital appearance, fine complexion.

Vitamin Kick

Face - absorbs natural ageing processes, adds freshness, luminosity and elasticity, counteracts pigmentation and refines the complexion.

Spring Joy

Face - natural lifting, immediately visible success, smooths expression lines.

Morning Dew

Face - with an organically energetic pressure point massage; energises the skin surface, firms and tones, lifts energeticallwith sustainability.

"Rosalpina" Facial

Face - alpine rose with essential oils from the Alps promote regeneration and boost your skin's defences. Especially suitable for sensitive and demanding skin.

"Rosalpina" Body Scrub

Body - essential oil from the alpine rose, stone pine oil, mallow and marigold for soft and even skin.

"Rosalpina" Body Pack

Body - alpine rose oil, arnica oil, St. John's wort oil, stone pine and mountain pine oil strengthen the skin with this moisturising and vitalising body mask.

Silhouette Wrap

Body - stimulates the skin's metabolism of fat cells, firms the tissue and clears the blood vessels. Has an intensive draining and immediately visible effect.

Light-as-air Leg Wrap

Legs - cooling, firming effect, gives lightness. Works against tired, heavy legs. Especially suitable for after sport or with aching muscles.

Detoxifying and draining bath

Essential oils from the pine, thyme, lemon and geranium have a draining and detoxifying effect. The skin is supplied with an optimal amount of moisture.

Energetic Bath

Essential oils: mint, lemon, rosemary, lavender & thyme supply energy and invigorating freshness. Firms tissues. Our tip for tiredness, fatigue or on hot days.

Relaxing Bath

Essential oils from the pine, lavender, sweet orange, bitter orange and savoury calm and release tensions in the tissue and muscles.
Our tip for switching off!

Spa Manicure

Scrub, bath, massage for 55 min. with polish

Spa Pedicure

Scrub, bath, massage for 55 min. with polish



Scrub & Pack

Hand/foot - for tender skin

Eyelash Dye

Eyelash Dye

Brow Dye

Brow Dye

Radiant Glances

Lash dye, brow dye and shaping

Brow Shaping

Brow Shaping


Depilation €12-55

Hair Removal for Him

Depilation for Back or Chest

Facial for your child

With massage or deep cleanse

"Beautiful Nails" for your child

Manicure with decoration

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