Time for infinity

Immerse yourself in a mountain
world from the poolside.

Pools with a view at Hotel Elisabeth

As if you were diving not only into the pleasantly warm water, but directly into the Kitzbühel Alps. That's what it feels like to plunge into the indoor pool at our wellness hotel in Tyrol. Only a glass front separates our pools with a view from the mountain world. And when you've had enough of the "still water", you can bubble in the whirlpool.


Let go with ease

When the sun makes the water glisten, our garden pool beckons you outside. Whether crawling or floating, romantically as a couple or playfully with the children: nothing feels as light as a bath in the greenery at our hotel near Kitzbühel in the biotope. Stroll along the biotope and feel nature under your toes on the barefoot path. Or enjoy a moment of infinity on the sun terrace.

Water – what a miracle! It relaxes and stimulates, warms and refreshes.

Time for the moment

And room for happiness


Healthy sweating:
heat gives strength


Your wellness programme
á la carte


One day just
the way I like it

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