You, me, we

The most precious time of the year.

Shared moments are twice as beautiful.  

What would a year be without some time off. And what would a holiday be without shared moments. At our hotel in Tyrol, generations and stories meet. A place of togetherness is thus created in a completely relaxed way, where there is room for every wish and time for every intention. Let yourself become inspired!

What really counts.
Having time instead of having a lot.
Good morning!
Breakfast like a king and queen.
We are two of the first guests to arrive at the breakfast buffet. All is still quiet at the Hotel Elisabeth, but soon the house will fill with life.
Grandpa, where are you?
With the extended family up to the Hintenbachalm.
Grandpa has finally found his binoculars and quickly packs them in his rucksack. Then it's time to go: Three generations set off for the Kasplatzl on the Hintenbachalm.

Family ties

Family ties

Coffee and good conversation.
Do you remember, back then...?
At the snack buffet we meet old acquaintances. The Hagners are regular guests, just like us. We reminisce about shared memories over coffee and cakes.
Fill up on fresh air.
Kneipp water baths and sunbathing: Nature keeps you young.
Grandma paddles through the Kneipp pool, grandpa enjoys the sunshine on the lawn. A welcome change from the often grey everyday life in the city.
Everyone to the table.
It tastes best together.
There is one thing that only happens once a year: eating without anyone standing at the stove or having to quickly get something from the kitchen. We let ourselves be served in a relaxed manner and go over the events of the day.
Bedtime stories.
And afterwards, off to bed!
Grandpa loves to tell the little ones bedtime stories. As his eyelids get heavy, our grandchildren sneak back into the parents' room. And we drift away on soft pillows and dream of the next day.

Time for the moment

And room for happiness


Water, a sense of space
and freedom


Places of interest in the
Pearl of the Brixental Valley


Pleasure that tastes
good for the soul

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