When it comes to the
environment, our choices are obvious.

Regionality, green electricity and respect for the nature.

As a hotel in Kirchberg in the Kitzbühel Alps, we can´t help but be connected to nature. After all, it surrounds us on all sides and is one of the main reasons why our guests feel comfortable with us. As a thank you for being able to draw so richly from the treasures nature provides, we treat it with care. Our wood chip heating system is just one of the contributions, we make to an intact environment.

Green enjoyment and local partners.  


Our Kasplatzl show dairy is self-sufficient in terms of energy and is completely operated by our own hydroelectric power station. The products from the cheese dairy go straight into our hotel kitchen, where they meet the fresh meat specialities from our own farm. We also source the other kitchen ingredients and other hotel supplies as locally as possible. Why wander far and wide when so much goodness is so close by?

Let's enjoy the treasures of nature together.

Time for the moment

And room for happiness

Kasplatzl show dairy

Naturally delicious. Cheese from
our Hintenbachalm


The origin where
we have remained


Where water creates
green electricity

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