The secret of sauna:
in the heat lies the power.

Breathe in the warmth, breathe out the cares of the day.

Put down the wellness bag. Take off your bathrobe. Open the door and let yourself be enveloped by the warm air. The power of heat and soothing fragrances has been known for thousands of years. And yet, saunas are as popular as ever. Sweat yourself happy in our wellness hotel in Kirchberg. Perfect for afterwards: a dip under the massage shower or in the cool garden pool.

90° rustic wood sauna

Imagine you are in a rustic mountain hut, sweat like on a South Sea island. Our 90° rustic wood sauna stimulates, purifies and detoxifies. While you submit to your daydreams, you gaze out over meadows and forest tops.

60° sanarium

Warm wood, bluish dim light and slightly milder sauna air: The 60° sanarium has a gentle yet lasting effect. Body and soul relax, and you have time to savour your moments of peace.

Steam bath & aroma steam bath

Pleasant heat and high humidity - once time with and one time without aroma. In our steam bath and aroma steam bath, two elements, water and (warm) air, caress the body.

Brine grotto

Our brine grotto is a place to say goodbye to stress and take a breath. As you enter, you can almost hear the sound of the sea. The salt air harmonises, lifts your spirits and caresses your skin and airways. 

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And room for happiness


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and small meet


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