Winter hiking in Kirchberg

An experience for all your senses

When you read about winter hiking in Austria, you usually hear about the amazing panoramic view of the surrounding snow-covered mountain tops. It’s only rarely that you’ll read about how your snow walking holidays in Austria can actually appeal to all five of your senses. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the impressions you can expect on your winter holiday at Hotel Elisabeth in Kirchberg, Tyrol.



Let’s start with the obvious: While winter walking in Austria, you enjoy a gorgeous view of untouched nature. The alpine pastures are covered by a soft layer of snow; even the branches of the trees bend down under its weight. It almost seems like they are sleeping and waiting for spring. When the sun rises, the snow starts to glisten and shimmer. The higher it goes, the paler the orange colouring it put on the horizon gets. You decide whether you prefer to enjoy this winter wonderland on your own or join us for our snowshoeing tours or the daily morning walk.


Even though your ears are probably hidden beneath a warm wooly hat or your jacket’s hood, there’s still a lot to discover for them on your snowshoeing tour. With every step, the snow crunches softly under your soles. The sound it makes depends on its consistency: In the shadier areas it’s crunchier, whereas in the sunnier places it gets a little softer and quieter during the day. If you’re walking with hiking poles, they will create a calming rhythm together with the sound of your steps. Other than that and the occasional birdcall and rustle of the trees in the gentle breeze it’s completely calm.


Most of your skin will be covered under warm clothes while winter hiking in Austria. So it’s only your face and hands that enjoy the fresh mountain air all the more. The cold refreshes you, invigorates you, wakes you up. Winter walking in the Kitzbühel area is also a real sunbath, though. You enjoy the warm rays of sunshine falling on your face. Up in the mountains, the sun is surprisingly strong even though it’s cold – thank goodness you’ve put on some sunscreen. In some areas, a light breeze caresses your skin. And should it be a little bit stronger from time to time, you just pull your fluffy scarf over your nose. Speaking of noses…


Yes, even your nose enjoys your snow walking holidays in Austria. It’s difficult to describe, but we’re sure you know what we mean: The smell of winter that only comes out when we reach freezing temperatures. In Kirchberg, this mixes with the smell of fresh powder snow. If you’re feeling very connected to nature, you could look for the few remaining cones on the trees and enjoy the Christmassy smell of resin. Alternatively, you can relish the delicious herbal tea which you made earlier in our DIY tea making course.


Winter walking in Austria is even a culinary experience. Your tongue will be happy once your stomach makes its needs known. If you prefer exploring the wintery landscape off the beaten tracks, then it’s likely that you’ll bring some savory sacks with you. Or you might rather enjoy the Tyrolean delicacies in one of the many traditional huts in the area. No matter what: once you return to hotel Elisabeth, you can look forward to a hearty and delicious fondue evening in good company.


Does this sound like an experience you’d like to have? Then send us an unbinding enquiry and see, hear, feel, smell and taste for yourself while winter hiking in the environs of Hotel Elisabeth in Kirchberg, Tyrol!

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