Sights in Kitzbühel

Attractions and great activities in Kitzbühel and the surrounding area

Even away from its landscape, Kitzbühel has plenty of sights to offer that are worth taking a closer look at. Show great locations to your children on your family holiday and get to know more about the holiday region yourself.

Kitzbühel Show Mine

Children playing in the Kneipp pool
Visit the Aschau Kneipp facility!

The "Kupferplatte" show mine is located 10 kilometres south of Kitzbühel on the Pass Thurn Bundesstraße. Mining was carried out here in Jochberg near Kitzbühel since as early as 1447. In times of prosperity, 134 tonnes of copper ore were dug from the stone along a length of 30km every year. In 1926, the operations in the "Kupferplatte" came to a standstill, and a few decades later, a tangible monument was opened to the public with the show mine. Since then, small amounts of ore have been mined again. By taking the Grubenbahn, you travel 150 metres into the mountain, where you find out more about the different extraction methods, tools and tunnel systems. Above ground, the short trip through 10 interesting stations acquaints you further with the region's mining history.

Alpine Flower Garden

To visit the Alpine Flower Garden, take the cable car up the Kitzbüheler Horn. With the breathtaking panorama behind you, while hiking on the mountain you cross through the magnificent alpine garden, which features more than 300 plant species from all over the world blooming. In addition to local botany, the garden is also planted with rarities from a range of different countries. From the Alpine Flower Garden, you can hike further to the Horngipfel or to the Hornköpfl or visit the impressive Karstlöcher. You can stop for a break at the Alpenhaus next to the summit station.

Kitzbühel Museum

The Kitzbühel Museum is housed in the former granary, one of the most historically significant buildings of the town. Exhibition rooms on five levels present important information about the city's history, the influence of winter sports and art. The top floor accommodates the gallery of the Kitzbühel expressionist Alfons Walde. From there, there is an exhibit on mining, agriculture and handicrafts as well as a look at Kitzbühel's more recent history as a winter sports and summer freshness destination. The Kitzbühel ski team of the 1950s around Toni Sailer are also duly mentioned here.

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