Hiking tips and checklists

Well equipped for the mountain

We offer you guided hikes with professional hiking guides, equipment checks and hiking information as well as a separate Elisabeth hiking map in the Hotel Elisabeth 3 - 4 times a week.

If you would prefer to head off on your own, we have one request: don't start your hiking tour rashly! When you start a hike, you need the right equipment. Like every other sport, hiking is possible in all degrees of difficulty. Pack your rucksack with a lot of consideration, choose the right tour and pay attention to what you wear.

Hikers on the mountain
Experience adventurous hikes

Perfectly equipped for an unforgettable hike

As an occasional hiker, you will quickly be faced with the question: what do I have to take with me for hiking and what can I leave at home? With the tips and checklists from our Hiking Expert, you will be prepared for your hike on your hiking holiday in Tyrol and will have what you need on hand in the right situation. If you are setting out for several hours or even for day-long hikes, you should be prepared for the possibility of sudden changes in the weather in the mountains.

Clothing checklist

Our recommendation for uncomplicated hiking experiences: don't skimp on shoes and clothing!

  • Sturdy, ankle-high mountain boots (no trainers or gym shoes for challenging tours)
  • Functional hiking clothing - make sure to buy lightweight (waterproof) clothing
  • Telescopic hiking poles (**available to rent at the Elisabeth reception)
  • Sun protection for your head: visor cap or hat (**also available at the Elisabeth reception)
  • Waterproof jacket and waterproof trousers
  • For winter hikes: gloves, hat
Wall with umbrella and rucksack
Always with you; the Elisabeth rucksack!

Rucksack checklist

Pack heavy things near your back.

  • Light, well-sitting rucksack (**an Elisabeth rental rucksack is also provided for you in your room)
  • Sun cream, sun protection for lips (**available in the Elisabeth Spa)
  • Drinking bottle (**available to rent at the Elisabeth reception)
  • Seating pad
  • Food: Breads, fruit, chocolate, nuts, dried fruit, trail mix, energy and muesli bars.
    **Choose from our provisions boxes in the hotel - here everything is put together according to your wishes.
  • Insect spray
  • Pocket knife
  • First-aid pack (**available at the Elisabeth reception)
  • Magnifying glass
  • Mobile telephone with charged battery
  • Compass
  • Headlamp or torch, if you are surprised by darkness on the descent
  • Hiking map (**available at the Elisabeth reception)
  • Camera with charged battery + protective cover
  • Tissues
  • Plastic bags for rubbish
  • Slim down your purse and only take really necessary cards and money with you. Most lodges live according to the motto "Cash is king" (only accept cash)
  • The same applies for bunches of keys: leave unnecessary keys at home.

Route planning checklist

Which hiking path is right for you?

  • Choice of terrain: levels, forest, lakes or high mountains
  • Comforts: comfortable arrival with public transport; well signposted hiking car park; rest stops on the route/destination
  • Degree of difficulty: you are confident for route lengths of up to 10km; you are comfortable walking for three to five hours; you can easily manage up to 300 metres of altitude; you are hiking with children/elderly people whose condition you do not know; you don't have any possibility of stopping
  • Choice of theme: open spaces; specific interests (geology, flora, fauna, history...); regional culture; discoverers (mountain adventure worlds); hiking accompanied by expert specialists

Calculating required time

  • The rule of thumb applies for all that don't hike regularly: you cover an average of 3.5km per hour. With narrow paths or snaked paths, even just 3km.
  • The hiker can add a flat-rate added time of 10 min. per 100 metres of altitude.

What should beginners keep in mind?

  • Collect your first hiking experiences in your own, familiar environment
  • Start off on marked paths in protected areas
  • Try graded hiking paths with a short duration
  • Join a hiking association or hiking group
  • For the first steps: trainers, a small rucksack, an umbrella and leisure wear are enough
  • With a larger radius and increasing joy, expand your equipment

Hiking competence

With the local hiking map, you can explore the hiking path network of the Kitzbühel Alps. The alpine meeting place in the hotel awaits with a lot of info about hiking. With hiking information in separately provided brochures and online, you can plan your next hike in the Kitzbühel Alps in advance.

The Hiking Hotel Elisabeth in the Kitzbühel Alps offers the ideal starting point to directly set off on a hike. Our team and hiking guide will provide you with tips and experiences from our numerous hikes. Your holiday in Tyrol begins with a non-binding room request to the Elisabeth Team!

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