POV: You’re a mountain biker on your cycling holiday in Austria

A guest tells us about an exciting biking experience

Our bike hotel in Austria is in the ideal position for a multitude of bike tours – whether you want to do them alone, with your family or with our bike guide, and no matter if you’re a beginner or an expert. While staying at our hotel, every mountain and e-biker can find the ideal tour for them. That’s as far as the “technical” details go; what’s really important, though, are the impressions and emotions you feel when conquering the mountains around our hotel in Kirchberg, Tyrol with your bike. One of our guests who’s also a hobby writer kindly described it to us in the following scene not long ago:

"Down below lies the valley, my hotel, where I’m staying for my cycling holiday in Austria, it’s all very far now. I pedal. I breathe. All around me lie green meadows. Further up I can see the forest approaching me – evergreen fir trees. The sun is shining, it’s tickling the tip of my nose. I smile – dreamily – and pedal. The dirt road winds up the mountain slowly. To the left – to the right – to the left – to the right. I follow its course, let her guide me, higher and higher. The meadow is alive – it exudes a sweet smell, it crawls with life, it waves in the slight breeze… it chirps. I pedal. I breathe. Small, puffy clouds pass by on the horizon but soon disappear behind a mountain peak.

The gravel path crunches gently under my wheels, a pebble lands in the grass on my right side, startled by my rear wheel. I pedal. A drop of sweat starts to form on my forehead, then slowly makes its way towards my eyebrows. Athletic heat meets refreshing breeze – untouched nature meets my bright yellow bike. We’re a good team, our mountain bike holiday in the Alps is not our first adventure together, nor will it be the last. Somewhere behind me on the left I hear the chirping of a bird – I wonder what it’s saying…

It’s going downhill again now. I sit up in my saddle – relieved - I stop pedaling. A good portion of the bike trail lies in the forest, the shade is replenishing my energy, my eyes adapt quickly to the lighting conditions under the trees, a hint of goose bumps forms on my arms. An intense smell of fir needles and humid air meets my nose, I can hear the sound of a woodpecker. The trail gets steeper and steeper now – I dash. Over bulbous roots and stony steps. To the left – to the right – to the left – to the right. I lean into the curves; dust whirls up behind me. I dash. I breathe.

Further down, I spot some other crazy bikers like me. They cheer, they bolt. Now I’m approaching a small bump and… I can fly!... and I land smoothly on my two wheels. The forest dashes past me – trees, rocks, dirt, roots, crags, twigs, needles, a ray of sunshine. A short, even stretch and I pedal firmly to keep up my speed. It’s the final spurt now, the valley comes nearer, I approach my hotel, Kirchberg in Tyrol, it’s all very near now. I dash. I breathe. All around me lies the mysterious forest. The sun is shining through the leaf canopy, it’s tickling the tip of my nose. I smile – dreamily – and I’m back from another tour in my cycling holiday in Austria."

Would you want to experience a mountain bike holiday in the Alps just like this one? Then visit us at our bike hotel in Austria, Tyrol. Send us an unbinding enquiry or directly book your stay at Hotel Elisabeth!

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