A day of skiing in Kirchberg

as your skis experience it

Did you get new skis for your ski holiday in Tyrol? Or are you bringing your usual gear to Kirchberg for the first time? No matter what, your skis will be just as happy to visit us, as you are. In order to better explain what you can expect in Kirchberg during your ski holiday, we have asked some older skis that have enjoyed a stay at our hotel many times before. Let’s hear what they have to tell…



We (my twin ski and I) are always overjoyed when we hear that we’re going on the next adventure to Kirchberg. It means we can be sure that it’s going to be another awesome winter holiday – with the whole works. Once we approach the village of Kirchberg in Tirol, us skis can already sense the magic winter atmosphere that’s just so unique to this place. On the day of arrival, not much usually happens except that we’re carried from the car to the hotel and into a little chamber where we sit and wait patiently for the next day, when we will finally be on the slopes. Early in the morning, after you’ve had breakfast, someone will get us and throw us over their shoulder.

On the ski bus

The ski bus always picks us up directly in front of the Hotel Elisabeth. That’s very practical, as it means we don’t have to get into the car with bag and baggage again, and neither do we need to look for parking. Besides, we also do something good to the environment… and we arrive at the ski area within minutes! Luckily, the Hotel Elisabeth is located right in the middle of two skiing areas: Kitzbühel-Kirchberg and Wilder Kaiser-Brixental. We’re really spoiled for choice… But honestly… Let’s just explore both skiing areas since we have enough days with hours and hours of sunshine! Until we arrive, we just enjoy the view of the magical wintery landscape…

The way to the mountain top
Once we arrive at the ski area, they will pick us up again for a few metres until we reach the chairlift. That’s great, since we only really feel like ourselves on powdery snow! Even though we’re really not the only ones here, everything moves smoothly and quickly. And soon we’re hovering over the wonderful white winter scenery. It’s still somewhat mild even at this height – all the sunshine makes it possible. We admire the slopes from above, where some early birds are already having fun, while the mountain tops on the horizon sparkle in the early sunlight.

Let’s go!
Finally, we arrived at the mountain station! Now, get off the chairlift and quickly put us on your feet so we can get started. The sun shines, the mountain air is fresh and the slope perfectly prepared – what else could you wish for? The first few turns are already easy, even though it’s been a while since the last time. And down it goes, sometimes steeper, sometimes less so, then to the left, to the right, the snow crunches, the snowflakes chase us, and we leave more and more kilometres of slopes behind us. We pause for a second to enjoy the view, but we really cannot stand still for longer on such an awesome course…

Hut fun

Skiing in Austria would not be complete without some hut fun. We know that it’s time for it when we hear your stomach grumble. Even though we sadly need to wait outside, we definitely notice that people are having a lot of fun inside. Every time the door opens, an irresistible smell of Kaiserschmarrn waves outside… or do I smell a delicious goulash? … Dumplings? We can hear music and laughter from inside the hut – maybe one or two drinks add a bit to the cheerfulness. Once we’re all full and well-rested, it’s time to put us on again and continue the adventure – more fun ahead!

Your ski holiday in Austria would not be complete without some funpark skiing. This one is a real thrill every time we come here – so we’re delighted to come to the funpark yet another time. The park offer something for every skier, be they an amateur or a professional. On ramps, slides and waverides we’re flying through the air and down to the valley. But don’t worry: Even when you land on your stomach from time to time, we usually don’t suffer any damage. So just get up and try again until no one can do it like you. By the way: Our funpark is good for children, too, and snowboarders are welcome as well.

Right up to the doorstep

Every skiing day must come to an end. We know it’s time to go home when the sun sets, the slopes are emptier, and everyone is looking forward to their dinner at the hotel. Thankfully, our way home is not long at all: At the Hotel Elisabeth, we enjoy a real ski in ski out experience in Austria. This means we can bring you right up to the hotel door – by a hair’s breadth we would’ve brought you to the actual dinner table. But unfortunately, us skis are again not allowed into the dining hall. So all that’s left to do for us is to fantasize what lovingly prepared delicacies you must be enjoying upstairs, while we wait for the next ski day in the dark…

And on to the next round

… What? You’re coming and getting us a second time today? We only expected you to return tomorrow, but in reality, we know that a skiing day in Kirchberg has a lot more to offer than expected. When we leave the hotel again, it’s already dark outside and the stars twinkle on the night sky. We can already guess what we’re about to experience: Night skiing in Austria is a truly incomparable experience! On brightly lit slopes we’re having our second round of the day – the free program so to say. You’ve regained your strength at dinner, and so we carry you down the slopes perfectly once again. When you are finally done for the day, you bring us back to the ski depot and head up to your cozy room at the Hotel Elisabeth. What more can we say? Skiing in Tyrol is something you really have to experience for yourself to believe it!

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