How to: Family holiday in Austria that makes everyone happy

A stay at our family friendly hotel in Tyrol, Austria

Are you thinking of spending your next family vacation in Austria? By doing that, you’ve already made a good first step; our region has a lot to offer for the young and the old! But today, we want to give you a few additional tips on how to make your stay at our family hotel in Tyrol truly extraordinary. We believe that going on holiday with your little ones shouldn’t be any less recreative or exciting than going for a trip alone or as a couple. With these tips, your time together will be as memorable as ever…

It's all about variety

On your third day on the slopes, the littles ones start to get grumpy? It doesn’t have to be like this! Just bring on more variety in your timeout together. Luckily, there are plenty of activities you can engage in in the environs of our family friendly hotel in Austria, and that goes for winter as well as summer, good weather as well as rain. How about a bike trip for the whole family? Or you could take your sledge to conquer the snow instead of your skis for one day. Whatever you plan on doing – it’s all possible in Kirchberg, Tyrol!

Let’s make plans together

Always doing what the other ones want to do? No, thanks! If you want to see happy faces all around on your family holiday in Austria, then you should plan together what each of you wants to do. Including your children in your holiday planning can take a bit more time, but it’s going to be very rewarding, as all of you will be happier with the activities you choose. But don’t worry: on your family vacation in Austria, you will have more than enough opportunities to go on trips that everyone will enjoy – from the youngest to the oldest.

Evening programme

Sitting at the table until late in the evening to chat? That’s what the older ones usually enjoy doing – less so our kids. For them, our family friendly hotel in Tyrol, Austria offers a children’s cinema with daily evening shows. Children of all ages can also spend the evening at the children’s playroom or teen playroom, where they can find age-appropriate activities. We also recommend that you bring something to keep boredom away back in your room, such as your favourite bedtime story book or a game you can play together before going to sleep.

Children welcome

A multigenerational holiday can only work out well if you choose the right accommodation. At Hotel Elisabeth, guests of all ages are welcome in all areas of the house – and that’s a conscious choice. Having an awesome time together at the indoor pool is totally possible – just as relaxing together is. Or you can lie down for a while and watch your children play by the pool. We call ourselves the “generation house” – and we live by this motto every day, because we think that a harmonious time together (even and especially on your holiday) is crucial for every family.

Highlights for kids

Even while pointing out the importance of planning your holiday activities together, we also think that it’s everyone should have the chance to pursue their own interests, too. Especially for children, we offer weekly family hikes, a weekly summer programme and ski courses in winter. We also have a children’s playground, special children’s menus, and at the Young Spa we spoil the little ones with treatments appropriate for them. Countless family destinations in the environs (such as zoos, mines or discovery parks) ensure a great variety and fun for every taste.


Would you like to experience a family holiday in Austria like this yourself? Then visit us at Hotel Elisabeth, your family hotel in Kirchberg, Tyrol. You can send us an unbinding enquiry or directly book your stay with us here. We are excited to welcome you and your loved ones at our house!

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