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It's the same every year: you're enjoying a carefree holiday when you remember that you haven't bought anything for your loved ones at home and you’re already starting to feel stressed. Which products are typical for the region? How can I shop sustainably and avoid falling victim to tourist traps and cheap imitations? What could please that one relative who always has everything and needs nothing?

We can reassure you: it doesn't have to be that difficult! If you opt for an eco-holiday in Europe, you can choose from a wide variety of typical regional products, with the right souvenir for every taste. Our 4-star superior family and wellness hotel is located in the beautiful village of Kirchberg in Tyrol, Austria. But what is Tyrol actually known for? The following 5 types of products are sustainably produced in the region and make great presents for your family and friends at home since they allow them to experience the spirit of Tyrol from a distance:


Cheese specialities

"A guater Kas" (a good piece of cheese) really is the symbol of the entire region. In Tyrol, happy cows graze on sunny and lush meadows, chew contentedly on tasty flowers and produce the best milk we could wish for for our cheese. Hotel Elisabeth even has its own show dairy, the Kasplatzl. The delicacies produced there are not only served to you at our hotel at the buffet and tastings, but you can also take them home with you. Be sure to try the original Tyrolean Alm cheese, mountain cheese and our grey cheese. If you like it unusual, don't miss the specialities, for example Tyrolean Camembert!

Bacon and prepared meat products

Tyrolean bacon (Speck) looks back on a long tradition. Farmers once used to smoke and air-dry the meat to preserve it, but even high-end restaurants have long since discovered bacon for themselves. Now it is produced using modern methods, but still according to the producer's own top-secret family recipe. Today, bacon is joined by other types of sausage, such as Tyrolean farmer's sausage, which was already popular in the Austro-Hungarian era, Kaminwurz and Landjäger (a must-have for your hiking snack), Tyrolean mountain sausage and “Brettlsalami”. All specialities are made from the best local ingredients.


Filzpåtschn are slippers made from felted wool. These typical Tyrolean slippers were also traditionally worn in South Tyrol and Trentino (in Italy) and have a long history. As the living room was once the only heated room in a farmhouse, these cosy, warm slippers were exactly what our ancestors needed to keep their feet warm. Today, the felt slippers are a commitment to tradition and sustainability and are particularly appreciated by all notoriously cold-footed people. They are now available in numerous different colours and models and are extremely durable.

Knitwear and leather goods

Whether it’s a scarf, jumper or socks, a towel or tablecloth, blanket, or cushion cover - the skilful processing of natural quality fabrics such as linen, cotton, wool or silk has a long tradition in Tyrol and is still practised by many master craftsmen today. The products made in this way are not only beautiful to look at, but also pleasant on the skin, hard-wearing and environmentally friendly. The knitwear made by women from the Paznaun Valley, for example, is particularly beautiful. Also eye-catching are the quill embroidery and leather goods, which are now available in both traditional and modern styles.

Glass and porcelain

Who would have thought it? Typical Tyrolean products also include glass and porcelain in a wide variety of forms. Glassblowers produce jewellery, figurines, drinking glasses and carafes in creative shapes and colour combinations. Porcelain from Tyrol, often refined with gold, is exhibited in art galleries from Dubai to Sydney. The highlight are definitely the hand-blown wine glasses by Riedel, which are used in leading restaurants around the world. The prices depend on the quality level, so a 2nd or 3rd choice glass is also available at a very reasonable price. This way, your favourite wine will taste twice as good.



As you can see: on your eco-holidays in Europe you can choose from a variety of high-quality products that are sure to delight your loved ones at home. Alternatively, just buy yourself a little souvenir of your holiday at the sustainable Hotel Elisabeth in Tyrol, Austria, to take home with you, for example the products from our show dairy or agriculture. Be sure to send us an enquiry to discover sustainable style and culinary delights the Tyrolean way!

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