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Many traditions in Austria have been practiced for centuries; they often have a religious or agricultural background. Even though the lifestyle of most Tyroleans has changed considerably since then, the village of Kirchberg and its surroundings are still deeply rooted in alpine culture. Let us explain how you can experience authentic Tyrolean lifestyle while staying at Hotel Elisabeth in Kirchberg, Tyrol and which events you absolutely cannot miss. 

Enjoying the landscape

What could be more typical of Tyrol than its stunning landscapes? When you stay at our nature hotel in Austria, you are in the best position to discover the woods, meadows, and peaks on foot or by bike. Don’t forget to crow like a real Tyrolean when you reach the highest spot!

Bathing in a mountain lake in Austria

Your holiday in the alps would not be complete without bathing in one of the many wonderful mountain lakes in Austria. The lakes Schwarzsee, Gieringer Weiher and Waldschwimmbad Jochberg (with swimming pools in the middle of the woods). Who wants chlorine when you can have this?

Driving up of studs

Witness alpine culture at its finest when the Noriker studs are driven up to the Stallbachkaralm pasture. They are presented to the public and weighed before being let loose to fight for their position in the herd hierarchy. An impressive display of power!

Alpine Flower Garden

The Alpine Flower Garden is a real treasure for nature lovers. On an area of 20.000m2, more than 300 different species of mountain flowers grow – some native to the Alps, some to other mountainous areas all around the world. They also offer guided tours.

Antlassritt horse procession

The Antlassritt horse procession has been taking place on Corpus Christi Day for over 300 years. About 80 horsemen ride from the village of Brixen to Kirchberg on adorned horses while being accompanied by the peal of bells and local bands. The also pray for a good harvest season.

Alpine breakfast/cheese tasting

At our show dairy, you can try traditional Austrian foods and enjoy an alpine breakfast or a cheese tasting with gold-awarded mountain cheese. You can visit the show dairy, Kasplatzl, by going on a hike with us or as part of our e-bike pleasure tours.

Brass band meeting

The annual brass band meeting in Kirchberg unites musicians and spectators who like to uphold Tyrolean musical traditions. Experience the sounds of the Alps while you get together with friends and locals to listen, chat and enjoy traditional Austrian food.

Alpine Cattle Drive

Towards the end of September, the cattle drive takes place in Kirchberg and the surrounding villages. The animals, beautifully adorned, return from the alpine pastures to the valley. This is accompanied by music and various celebrations where you can buy hand-made products and taste local food.

Culinary exhibition businesses

Aside from Kasplatzl, there’s lots more culinary exhibition businesses near Kirchberg, Tyrol. Discover how high-quality schnapps (typical liquor) is made and shop hand-made regional products. This way, you can bring a slice (or a bottle) of Kirchberg home with you.

Brixental Mountain Lights

One of the most beautiful traditions in Austria: To celebrate the season of summer, locals in Kirchberg and surrounding villages stick torches into the meadows which form giant symbols visible from afar. Various celebrations and longer lift opening hours accompany the event.

Spoiling your palate

Tyrol stands for culinary indulgence. You can enjoy that at the traditional events, at the alpine huts on the mountains surrounding Kirchberg and obviously at Hotel Elisabeth, since we use many products from local farmers in our kitchen. Nothing more to say than enjoy your meal!


Did you get curious about Tyrol and its traditions? Then send us an unbinding enquiry or just book your stay at Hotel Elisabeth Kirchberg right away to experience the magic of our region!

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