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Hot, hotter, let's take a sauna together...

Maybe you’ve heard the saying “Couples that sweat together, stay together” before. It’s true, this usually refers to exercising together. However, there are some very good reasons to include sweating in the sauna in the activities that benefit your relationship – or even going to the spa in general.
Our day spa in Kirchberg in Tyrol is perfectly suited for a short (or long) romantic holiday in the Alps and offers an array of experiences that couples shouldn’t miss.

Let’s look at some:

The way to the heart…

… is through the stomach. If you visit our day spa near Kitzbühel, you will first enjoy a hearty breakfast, because in order to relax properly, you need to be well-fed. The good thing about it: Even if your partner steals some of the food from your plate, there’s always enough top-ups on the buffet.

On the same wavelength

After finishing breakfast, you step into the spa area. As a day spa visitor in our romantic hotel in Austria, you can enjoy it from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Immerse yourself in the indoor pool for a first sensation of freshness and swim towards the horizon together. The dreamy panoramic view will certainly inspire you to your next hiking trip.

Love is in the air

Not only love is bubbling here… At the whirlpool in our day spa in tyrol you can experience airy and light moments of relaxation. After swimming in the pool, the mixture of warm water and bubbling air is exactly what you both needed. But soon enough, another smaller pool catches your attention…

Opposites attract

This statement isn’t only true for people, but also for water temperatures. At the Kneipp therapy pool in our day spa in Austria, you alternate between walking through knee-high hot and cold water. It shows you that as long as you stay together, you can go through everything – and even emerge refreshed and revitalized.

Those who love…

… massage each other. Sometimes though, it’s also nice to leave the work to a professional. At our day spa in Kirchberg in Tyrol, you can book treatments as part of your day spa stay or without access to the spa area. For couples we especially recommend our treatment for two with a relaxing bath, a massage, and a sweet surprise from our patisserie.

On cloud nine

When you are together, life feels like it’s enwrapped in a soft, pink cloud? And you would always find each other, even in the thickest fog? Then you would be well-off at the steam bath in our day spa near Kitzbühel. It’s not as hot as a Finnish sauna, but the high humidity in the air will make your face glow – and not only of love.

The heat of love

If you like it hot, we recommend the rustic wood sauna at our romantic hotel in Austria. At a temperature of around 90 °C, it’s guaranteed to make you sweat and stick together. Alternatively, you can enjoy the sanarium at a temperature of about 60 °C. Less intense, but just as effective. And then, off you go to the (cold) massage shower!

The salt of life

At the brine grotto in our day spa in Tyrol, you’re not only sustained by your love, but also by the salt in the water. Float towards the end of the day light as a feather, breathe deeply and feel how the salt cleanses and frees your skin and airways. Then, it’s time for the last destination…

In waking times and sleeping

After a long day of wellness at Hotel Elisabeth, it’s best to unwind in the relaxation area. Hand in hand you admire the sunset and reflect on the best moments of the day while sipping on a cup of tea. A day as beautiful as this will surely be remembered forever!


You think that you and your loved one would benefit from a day (or as many as you like) of wellness, too? Then visit our day spa in Austria for a day or even for a longer romantic holiday.
Send us an unbinding enquiry or contact the reception desk for more information: 0043 (0) 5357 2277.

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