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Massada Products
Massada Products for sensitive skin

The best and most compatible remedy for massages and cosmetic treatments often lie dormant in the depths of Mother Earth herself. That's why we at the Wellness Hotel Elisabeth rely on natural-based quality cosmetics without any chemicals. Our choice: care products by the brand Piroche Cosmétiques, which carefully heal, rejuvenate and improve your skin and bestow their all-round gentle care on you. Feel the power of nature packed into the high-quality care products.

Tailored natural cosmetics

The natural cosmetics at Piroche Cosmétiques use combinations of organic aromas. Cloak yourself in well-being with a massage using a tailored organic aroma or facial with a targeted effect. The Piroche wellness offer from Austria makes every short holiday a rejuvenation cure.

Alpine rose and essential oils

Alpine rose, stone pine, mallow, marigold, St. John's wort, mountain pine... each oil brings forth its own effect. Thanks to a combination tailored to your body and skin type, we are able to achieve individual results. Phyto stem cells from the alpine rose, alpine herbs and pure mountain spring water provide the skin with 100% natural protection.
The Rosalpina treatments are highly suited to sensitive and demanding skin.

In addition to Piroche Cosmétiques, the treatments at the Elisabeth Spa also use other high-quality products:

Tyrolean stone oil

The exclusive care series from Tyrol brings active recuperation to the Hotel Elisabeth near Kitzbühel. The products contain the active ingredients of the oil stone, also known as the "healing inheritance of the sea" as it comes from prehistoric sea stones and plants. Through its high content of organically bound sulphur, Tyrolean stone oil has an exceptionally therapeutic and nourishing effect for the whole body. The optimal, recuperative addition to your active holiday in Tyrol.

Jane Iredale Natural Cosmetics

Beautify your holiday in the Spa Wellness Hotel Elisabeth in Kirchberg with the high-quality mineral cosmetics from Jane Iredale. These natural beauty cosmetics, which are made completely without any additives, give your skin a flawless and fresh appearance. An extra bonus is the integrated, natural sun protection factor, which shields your skin against premature ageing.

Let yourself and your outer appearance shine in a new radiance on your holiday in Tyrol. Your indulgence holiday in Kirchberg near Kitzbühel begins with a non-binding request to the Walch family and their team at the Hotel Elisabeth.

Tip: notify us of your desired spa treatments with your booking so that we can arrange them for you. We will happy to advise you beforehand with a personal discussion.

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