Your summer holiday in the Tyrol Alps

Kitzbühel: experience pure nature on the mountain

Where can you sense the elemental force of the mountains more than while hiking? When your gaze rests on the breathtaking panorama and your heart thumps out of humility and happiness. It is not rare for not only your gaze, but also your spirit to open up at the summit. And the challenges of the everyday suddenly appear very small. Three fantastic panorama mountains in the Kitzbühel Alps crown your holiday with us.

The Kitzbühel Horn in the Tyrolean Alps
Kitzbühel Horn - one of the best-known sports mountains in Austria

Kitzbühel Horn

The Kitzbühel Horn is easy to recognise thanks to the striking antenna at the summit and is one of the best-known sports mountains in Austria. With its fabulous panorama, the Horn draws hikers, cyclists and day-trippers alike. In a 4-5 hour walk, you can scale the popular local mountain of Kitzbühel at 2,000m yourself.

It is far more comfortable to take the cable car "auffi" (upwards) or to travel the tolled scenic route by car. A wide, asphalt road leads to the summit house from the summit station. It is worth taking the path through the Alpine Flower Garden here, where you can admire flowers from all over the world. Once at the top, an impressive view of the Großglockner, Venediger and many other mountains awaits you.

Natural spectacle: ponors!

Experienced hikers can walk the 2.4km long Karstwanderweg underneath the summit house in around 10 minutes. There, the alpine nature opens up in all its power and beauty. 450 million years ago, cave-like structures began to arise here through seepage water, known as ponors.

This is a process that continues on today and digs new recesses into the stone year after year. The highlight of the natural phenomenon is found in the "Weanerstadt" on the Karstweg, where one impressive ponor leads into the next.

Couple hiking hand in hand on the mountains
The majestic mountains of Tyrol are already waiting for you!

Wilder Kaiser

The Wilder Kaiser Massif towers truly majestically above the region with its rugged rock formations – a paradise for climbers and experienced alpinists at approx. 2,300m. The hiking tours are challenging, diverse and in any case, blessed with great panorama views.

However, the best view of the Kaiser Massif itself comes from the paths and mountain adventure worlds of the grass mountains opposite it. If you are visiting the Kaiser Mountains for the first time, you can discover the most beautiful spots with a guided hike.

Hohe Salve

One of the mountains that offers an unforgettable view of the Wilder Kaiser is the Hohe Salve at 1,829m high. No matter your divine panoramic location, the Hohe Salve is considered one of the most beautiful viewing spots in Tyrol! At the summit, you will also find the Salvenkirchlein church, which was first historically mentioned in 1589. Visiting the highest pilgrimage church in Austria is best combined with a hike to the imperial region.

The kids will be amazed!

One highlight for families with children are the many mountain experience parks in the region, where the youngest can discover the mountain world in a playful way. Exciting action surrounding the element of water awaits in the Hexenwater Adventure Park in Söll. The fairytale Ellmi's Zauberwelt in Ellmau attracts with gnomes and forest spirits.

The beautiful Filzalmsee at 1,300m is also full of adventurous fun! Here, the kids can glide over the lake with a raft or get a full strike with the giant bowling game. And in any case, it is worth visiting the Alpinolino Discovery Park – perfect for young nature researchers.

Ready to hit the summit?

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