Kasplatzl show dairy near Hotel Elisabeth Kirchberg
From the meadow to the table

Discover alpine culture
at our show dairy Kasplatzl

Cheese tastings, alpine breakfast and more

At an idyllic 1,140 meters, a peaceful world is hidden: the Hintenbachalm alpine hut. Here, where the greenest grass and the most aromatic herbs grow, is where our show dairy "Kasplatzl“ is located. It’s where Hans Walch Jr. holds up the traditions of Austria by living out his vision of sustainable agriculture. He produces milk, cheese, alpine butter, yoghurt, as well as bread, bacon and sausage specialties for passionate gourmets. The production route could not be shorter, as the supplying animals graze right outside the door.​

Traditional Austrian food at Hotel Elisabeth Kirchberg
Discover alpine culture at our nature hotel in Austria: Hotel Elisabeth Kirchberg
Alpine breakfast and cheese tastings: Hotel Elisabeth Kirchberg
Discover the traditions of Austria at Hotel Elisabeth Kirchberg​

A visit to Kasplatzl: Alpine culture at its best

We do not only serve cheese and other products from the Hintenbachalm in our restaurant. The show dairy invites both young and old to a guided tour and cheese tasting, for example as part of a hike together or our e-bike pleasure tour. Enjoy gold-awarded mountain cheese or mild soft cheese - a slice of home, freshly served! We leave it to you to choose your favourite one, but once you've had a look behind the scenes, it's bound to taste even better.​


Alpine breakfast
Our “Almfrühstück” breakfast with all kinds of traditional Austrian homemade food is served daily from 09.00 a.m. to 12.00 p.m.


Opening hours
The show dairy of our nature hotel in Austria is open from May to October (before and after the snowmelt). Opening hours: from 09.00 a.m. to 06.00 p.m.; in May and June we are closed on Mondays, from mid-October we are open from Thursday to Sunday.​

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