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Scherrhof Farm

Hardly any other 4-star hotel in Tyrol draw on so many of their own products. The creations from the Scherrhof Farm and the Kasplatzl show dairy can be enjoyed cosily and deliberately as part of the Elisabeth cuisine .

Hans Walch jun. runs both operations in a successful and ecologically sustainable way. With his commitment to his home and the region, in food and beyond regional farming, he is the perfect partner for Head Chef Robert, who spoils you with unique dishes from the large selection of in-house products.


Conferences and experiences

For companies in the agricultural sector coming to Hotel Elisabeth for conferences or seminars a visit to the many branches of major agriculture is very interesting: 120 Fleckvieh cattle, including 60 cows and 60 young cattle as well as approx. 15 pigs live at Scherrhof. In summer, they enjoy the two high mountain pastures, Schöntal at the foot of the Große Rettenstein (2,366m) and Hintenbach. And in autumn, with the traditional "Almabtrieb" , where they are driven back down the mountain, they come back to the farm.

Want to incorporate a visit as a fixed point of your event? Our reservation team will be happy to help arrange a time with farmer Hans Walch jun. or even with the hotel owner Hans Walch sen., who still supports his son with the farming work today and created the fine operations of today from a small farm earlier in its history.

Benefit from the joy of the foods that are still lived at Hotel Elisabeth in Kirchberg today through the origins of the agriculture. The reception team will be happy to take your non-binding request and send you a room offer straight away.

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